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100 Things Beginners Should Learn in Fusion 360

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    Do you want to cover 100 concepts that all beginners seem to need and ask? This class is the answer to all those questions that students have asked the speaker throughout the years in classes and on their YouTube channel. We will cover high-level strategies, small tips and tricks, ideal settings, and other resources you should know. Learn proper sketching strategies (easier to design and make changes—save time now and when you need to edit). Learn better modeling—learn the techniques for tackling simple to complex designs, and feel more confident when you start up Fusion 360 software. Learn all the cool resources available to beginner users, and design and 3D print what you want.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn sketching best practices and tips.
    • Discover modeling strategies and tips.
    • Learn about imports and file management.
    • Learn strategies for assemblies, 3D prints, and more.