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Getting Tipsy with Fusion 360

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    How many tips do you think we can learn in 60 minutes while recreating the Engineers’ Guide to Drinks within Fusion 360 software? The Engineers Guide to Drinks drawing was a test drawing originally created to test pen plotters back in 1972. Autodesk stalwart Shaan Hurley recreated it in AutoCAD software a number of years ago. It's since been replicated in a number of other applications. When coming up with a title for this tips and tricks class, the speaker thought about how much more sober everyone will be at Autodesk University this year given it's not being held in Las Vegas (in theory, at least). This thought immediately invoked the Engineers’ Guide to Drinks and how it would be a fun way to cover a series of tips and tricks across sketching, modeling, assemblies, animation, rendering, and manufacturing. Let's do this!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to implement a series of simple tips and tricks in the Design workspace which will immediately impact your daily productivity.
    • Discover various methods to model and reuse similar geometry across the Design and Drawing workspaces.
    • Learn how to create product animations that tell a useful story.
    • Learn how to create rigs to generate beautiful renderings of glass and fluids within the Render Workspace.