QUICK TIP: Fixing Errors In Your Design

Tyler Beck
by Tyler Beck 4 years ago 1 min read

In this week’s QUICK TIP, I wanted to cover how to fix errors and warnings that pop up when making design changes. This is something that I used to be afraid of, and I would run screaming from any red or yellow problems that would inevitably develop and just start over. I then realized this was an incredibly inefficient way to work, so I set out to learn how to update those errors and warnings.


First, start at the beginning of your timeline and fix those problems first. You might find that many issues are resolved when fixing the main problem.


Fusion 360 breaks problems into errors and warnings. Errors are failing to solve or view in the model. Warnings are still showing in the model but the design references are missing.


Be sure to read each warning message. If it is within a sketch, then use your common sense to attach the right constraints and dimensions. If it is a failing feature, then reattach the right references.


So, STOP running away from your design errors and watch the video made on how to fix warnings and errors in Fusion 360 while working. Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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