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Advanced Direct Modeling in T-Splines and Parametric Design

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    Direct modeling is an extremely powerful tool in Fusion 360 software. The use of features that follow natural gestures and movements (i.e., pull, twist, stretch) empowers users to fully immerse in a modeling experience that provides enjoyment, exploration, and a sense of “flow.” Direct modeling can also bypass steps such as setting planes, sketches, and other 3D commands, which could get in the way of modeling workflows. While direct modeling is typically associated with T-Splines via the Sculpt environment, it is possible to also use it in parametric settings. This presentation will illustrate the power of direct modeling in both environments in Fusion 360 software with the use of simple yet effective workflows and design examples.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the benefits of direct modeling for more-intuitive and fluid design explorations.
    • Discover the features available in Fusion 360 for direct modeling.
    • Explore direct modeling techniques in both T-splines (sculpt) and parametric (model) environments.
    • Learn how direct modeling can provide a more fun workflow with a sense of “flow.”