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Eligibility for the Education plan

Eligible students and educators are those who meet the minimum age requirement and are enrolled at, employed by or contractors of a qualified educational institution. A qualified educational institution is one that has been accredited by an authorised governmental agency for the primary purpose of teaching enrolled students. This includes secondary schools, college and higher education institutions.


See the Education terms of use (US site) for more information.


Eligible students also include those who meet the minimum age requirement and participate in the following:

  • Homeschooling
    Homeschooled students are eligible if they can provide documentation of membership in a nationally recognised homeschooling body (or one that's recognised by a local school governing body as an acceptable alternative to an accredited educational institution).
  • Thesis and master's work
    Students may participate in the Education plan to conduct thesis or master's work. This includes project topics that may have been provided by an industry partner, under the condition that the activity forms part of the student's degree.
  • Apprenticeship work (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and United Kingdom)
    If certain conditions are met, students participating in a company apprenticeship programme may install or use software accessed through the Education plan on a company machine. For more information, see Options for unqualified organisations.

Educators and faculty members

Eligible educators are employees and independent contractors who have the primary purpose of teaching enrolled students at a qualified educational institution.

Autodesk-sponsored competition participants and mentors

Students who are registered and accepted as competitors in Autodesk-sponsored competitions, as well as mentors who provide them with coaching and instruction, are eligible for the Education plan.


For a list of Autodesk-sponsored competitions, see Competitions (US site).

Not eligible for the Education plan

  • Course participants at training centres and retraining programmes
    As training centres and retraining programmes are not qualified educational institutions, users attending such courses are therefore not eligible for the Education plan. For short-term use, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.
  • Professional instructors
    Professional instructors and freelancers who work for an Authorised Training Centre (ATC) (US site), an Autodesk reseller or an independent training provider are not eligible for the Education plan. You may be able to purchase an Autodesk software subscription or access one belonging to an ATC you are employed by or an organisation you belong to.

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