Autodesk Info360 Insight: water and wastewater BI operational intelligence

Make data-driven operational decisions for your water and wastewater network.

Why use Autodesk Info360 Insight?

Configure an operational digital twin

Use a digital solution that moves you from manual processes.

Create and templatize digital workspaces

Understand pump performance, water loss, and more.

Access an advanced analytics library

Propel the speed of your analysis with analytics at your fingertips.

Effortlessly scale your domain knowledge

Streamline analytics collaboration and securely share workspaces.

What you can do with Autodesk Info360 Insight

Less data cleansing, more collaboration (video: 29 sec.)

Cut data cleansing time and focus on collaboration

Automate data collection, cleansing and consolidation. Select desired sensors to map onto a prebuilt digital workspace, accelerating start-up time. Apply collective expertise faster across water and wastewater networks and facilities.

Impact on customers during an incident (video: 32 sec.)

Know the impact on customers during an incident

Quickly identify affected customers with simulation generation of an incident's impact. Run what-if scenarios for outage management and get an incident resolution timeline, unifying response teams with a common operating picture.

Automated compliance reporting (video: 1:01 min.)

Save weeks spent on compliance reporting

Go from weeks to days preparing, building, and addressing an evolving regulatory environment. Reduce the need for spreadsheet management with automated calculation and formatting tools for regulatory agencies, key stakeholders and sustainability initiatives.

Info360 Insight resources


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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is Autodesk Info360 Insight used for?

Autodesk Info360 Insight is a cloud-based application for operational analytics and incident management that unifies water and wastewater utility data in the cloud. You can apply sophisticated analytics, modelling and alerting tools to make operational information more accessible, reliable and actionable. As a workflow solution, Info360 Insight enables utility companies to quickly identify incidents in their system, check multiple resolution scenarios and apply recommended actions to rapidly resolve system failures.

Who uses Autodesk Info360 Insight?

Autodesk Info360 Insight is used by water and wastewater utility operations teams, field teams, engineers, managers, and executive-level decision makers alongside expertise from trusted consulting companies and industry specialists to improve service delivery, maximise operations and business resources, and rapidly manage incident response.

Does Autodesk Info360 Insight connect with Info360 Plant?

Autodesk Info360 Insight interoperates with Info360 Plant for operational analytics of water and sewage treatment plants within the Info360 platform. Get a complete view of water and wastewater systems and extend your view and analysis from networks to treatment facilities with an additional subscription to Info360 Plant. Enable use of advanced plant analytics and reporting capabilities, all within the UX and digital workspaces you use today in Info360 Insight.

How do I get started with Info360 Insight?

To start with Info360 Insight, log in to using your Autodesk account credentials and your company domain name. Ensure there's a valid Info360 Insight product subscription for your team on your Autodesk account, and that you are assigned as an Admin. Then, create a hub for your team from the Autodesk Account ( If multiple teams exist, each requires a hub. Once the hub is created and Info360 Insight activated, you will be redirected to the Info360 Insight page.


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How do I import data into Info360 Insight?

To import data into Info360 Insight, identify the data sources for your networks and install the Info360 Insight Data Connector. Next, configure your database connection in Info360 Insight. Identify and upload the sensors in your water and wastewater networks that you want to monitor and analyse. You can do this in bulk using a CSV template. Finally, upload your utility network for full spatial context. This can be done via GeoJSON files or by integrating with ArcGIS Online. Once completed, sensor data will populate into Info360 Insight.


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