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Update a serial number

You can view and update the serial number in your software without reinstalling.

Update a serial number from your software

You can change the serial number from the Help menu of most products.

  1. Start your Autodesk software. 
  2. Follow one of these paths in the Help menu (the path may vary by product): 
    • Help > About 
    • Help > About <product name>
    • Help > Autodesk Product Information > About <product name>
  3. In the About window, click Manage License. 
  4. In the License Manager window, click the arrow next to the product name to show license details.
  5. Click Update, next to Serial Number.
    Note: If your license type is a User License, you are not using a serial number for that version of your product.
  6. Enter your product serial number and click Activate. 
  7. Sometimes, you must restart the product to see the updated serial number. 

Note: If you have a collection of products that use a single serial number, update the serial number for each product in the collection.

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