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Up, Up, and Away: UAVing in the Great White North! Eh!

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    The drones are coming! Are you considering buying one for your firm? It's more involved than just grabbing the top of the line and then hitting the site for a flight. Yes, rules, regulations, and safety standards-our favorite words as Building Information Modeling (BIM) managers. PCL Construction is the first contractor in Canada to have applied for and be granted a Special Flights Operation Certificate (SFOC) and amendment to fly to an altitude of 830' along with a No-Fly Zone (NFZ) on a T1 airport on a weekly basis. These are some of our findings and lessons learned from using these tools on a construction site in a "cooler" climate. What are the possible uses of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and unmanned aerial systems (UAS)? What does buying a drone/UAV/UAS mean for your company? What are the regulations in Canada with Transport Canada and NavCanada? What is an SFOC or a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM)? What are the regulations in the United States? What is a Part 107, a Waiver, an FAA Certification, and an NFZ? What data can be captured? How can it be processed? We will also cover best practices and processes, along with safety guidelines.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the impact and benefits of drones on construction sites
    • Discover lessons learned from an early adopter
    • Learn about data capture from a drone and its uses
    • Learn how to set up a drone fleet for your company