Lecture    SE2352
Who Owns That? Best Practices for Coordinating All Disciplines
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Let’s face it—there are many elements in our Autodesk® Revit® software models that are re-modeled by the architect, MEP engineers, or structural engineers. Who modeled it initially? Who owns it? Is Copy/Monitor being used? These types of questions should always be asked. Items such as columns, girds, ceilings, lights, plumbing fixtures, structural walls, floors, and roofs are usually populated in both the architectural model and the engineering models. This class will describe proper workflows between architects and engineers and explain how to model elements that have both architectural and engineering needs. Learn how to share the information of these elements without having to duplicate the geometry. Sometimes knowing when and how to share elements will eliminate the need to have ownership of elements. Learning to create the proper workflow and families will ensure that collaboration is being achieved on your Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects.

Key Learnings

  • Describe what events you should monitor and when
  • Get the graphics to show what you want to show
  • Use the collaboration tools in Revit
  • Make your component families with other disciplines in mind



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