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Welcome BPM’s into the BIM Party: Building Product Manufactures in the BIM Workflow

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    Early BIM workflows rarely included actual building product data and families. As our technology grows and matures it is becoming more important to move from the “Building Models” (BM) that we started with and add more and more “I” so that we take full advantage of “Building Information Modeling” (BIM). Who better to provide this information than the companies that actually manufacture the products we use in our design. Building Product Manufactures (BPM’s) were mostly left out of the BIM party during the early stages of our transition from 2D to BIM, but now they are slowly being incorporated into our models. So the question is how we best welcome them into our party to benefit the entire design build team. This class will discuss strategies, topics, and tools that help the entire design build team to realize the true power of virtual design.

    Key Learnings

    • How to incorporate specific manufacturer information into virtual design while staying efficient.
    • How to effectively present your products to the design build team
    • When to incorporate BPM data into the project model
    • Effective communication between the design team and the product experts