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Web data editor: Forging MEP design specifications with Forge

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    "Forge brings data at the center, enabling discipline leads and designers to manage and modify data in the cloud - within a common data environment. This class will show how to break down silos of a traditional MEP design process with static, disconnected and unstructured data that leads to inconsistent models. This is replaced by an agile design process using a web-based Forge application, which enables MEP designers to read, add and modify design specification data for MEP objects directly from the browser into BIM 360 models. Also, this class will show how MEP specification lists can be auto-generated using BIM 360, Forge APIs, and Microsoft Azure SQL database. This brings MEP designers, BIM drafters and other stakeholders together into the same ecosystem—making it easier for everyone to create a structured data model without the need for advanced skills with BIM tools such as Revit."

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the Forge platform for MEP designers
    • Identify Forge platform benefits for MEP design process optimization
    • Solve MEP design specification challenges by bringing data at the center on the Forge platform
    • Demonstrate a Forge web app to automate the creation of MEP design specification documentation