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Virtual Reality for Planning, Design, and Construction

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    The construction industry is implementing virtual reality (VR) for planning, design, and construction of projects. This presentation will showcase how VR is helping owners, designers, and contractors better visualize and implement design. Examples that show how VR can make a difference in the industry include planning high-security buildings, jails, airports, and complex medical centers. End users can give feedback on the design and construction of their facilities, which is an important innovation. By using VR, clients get the ability to make changes virtually for free well before actual construction has begun. We'll show how the embrace of VR in construction planning is improving design-it leads to faster project approvals, decreases in the number of change orders, and better projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to improve project design and construction sequencing with virtual reality
    • Learn how to implement virtual reality and know what project types it’s best suited for
    • Discover virtual reality as a collaboration tool for planning, design, and construction
    • Learn about virtual reality and construction safety