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Viewing a Space Before It's a Space—Virtual Reality for Design Verification

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    Virtual reality (VR) isn't always for architects to show off their pretty designs! Viewing mechanical and electrical rooms before they’re constructed, and before equipment is purchased, is important from a constructability standpoint. Just because something fits in a space, doesn't mean the design works. Having a contractor, operations manager, or client walk-through and experience the space well before construction can help clarify the design intent. They can give insight on design “flaws” and layout preferences, which will help the designer to produce an efficient and clean design. This class will showcase case studies in which a design team at MCW Consultants Ltd. used VR to enhance and validate their design intent in a number of mechanical spaces. This session features Revit MEP. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Understand possible uses for VR in MEP applications
    • Understand why VR can be a powerful tool for designers and engineers
    • Understand the workflow used for optimal VR and general presentation of the intended spaces
    • Learn which software and hardware worked for the team at MCW Consultants