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VFX to VRX: Real-World Virtual Reality Production for Björk, Red Bull, and Lexus

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    <p>Solomon Rogers, founder of a world-renowned and award-winning virtual reality production agency, will take you through a brief history of a technology that seems to be have been around for decades, yet has never really got traction…until now. Delve deeply into the various technologies, techniques, and strategies used to create amazing immersive and commercially viable content. Sol will focus on examples of 360 immersive video in work for Björk, the high-octane Red Bull Air Race VR simulator, and the stunning interactive showrooms for Lexus vehicles. Rewind worked directly with Red Bull to create the world’s first Red Bull Air Race Virtual Reality Simulator. The experience enables members of the public to sit directly in the pilot’s chair and experience the blistering pace and quick turns of an Air Racer, putting them as close to the action as possible. Rewind will bring hardware and demonstrations to experience and explore and try firsthand.<br /> </p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about virtual reality, augmented reality, and MXR Technologies
    • Learn about virtual reality production
    • Learn about augmented reality production
    • Discover 360 video production