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Utilising Open Source GIS to Integrate Geospatial & CAD Workflows: Insights of a Geographer in a CAD

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    Cadline are experts in Geospatial Solutions with more than 25 years of experience in developing web mapping, CAD, and GIS applications. As an Autodesk Platinum reseller, Cadline is ideally placed to help integrate CAD and GIS, and advise clients in their BIM for Infrastructure journey. This session will demonstrate how to build a 3D model of your digital assets within Autodesk InfraWorks. We will take you on a journey from accessing building information, creating an intelligent 3D model, and complementing it with digital construction information, such as a Revit architectural model. In addition, we will explore how to successfully access your geospatial digital assets, as well as environmental constraints and planning controls, utilising an open-source spatial database. Using desktop GIS, Autodesk CAD products, and web-enabled mapping software, we will also show you how you can successfully centrally manage those historically disparate datasets to ensure that your InfraWorks model is accurate and up to date, so that you can make your planning, design, and construction decisions in confidence.

    Key Learnings