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Lecture    SD6511
Using the Revit API for Structural Engineering Calculations and Workflows
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Over the past few releases of Revit software, the API around Revit software structural elements and workflows has been significantly extended and augmented with additional capabilities such as structural code checking. These extensions enable developers and Building Information Modeling (BIM) experts to connect distinct tools (including loads and boundary condition preparation; structural analysis calculations; results analysis; code checking; and the creation, modification, and numbering of rebars) into a more interconnected workflow for structural engineers. This course will cover the use of Revit software structural tools and their corresponding APIs as a part of an overall BIM Solution for structural engineering calculations. It will include example workflows that developers may learn from and extend. We will illustrate simple concepts with code examples, and we will demonstrate live advanced techniques.

Key Learnings

  • Identify the key classes, methods, and components available to support structural engineering from the Revit software API
  • Learn how to use the Revit API to set up and analyze results of structural calculations
  • Learn how to use the Revit software API to automatically create, lay out, and number rebars
  • Learn how to augment BIM modeling to support structural engineering workflows


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