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Using Forge to Revolutionize Coordinated Project Information

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    This class will cover how the cloud can be used to coordinate information from both model and specification in a seamless environment. Autodesk Forge technology will be demonstrated within the context of a specification authoring environment. Standardised information structures and emerging digital technologies are making a huge difference to how the industry operates. For an individual project this will create a single interface into a coordinated information set. Across an organisation this will normalize information across projects, past and present, to improve knowledge and decision making. The content examples within the presentation will be relevant to those working to construction standards in North America, the UK and Australia. Real-life customer examples will be given.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how emerging technologies are changing the way we work and how Forge can help
    • Learn how paper-based methods of working are changing to more-modern digital methods of working
    • Discover how standardized information can be used to benefit the wider project team on construction projects
    • Discover the similarities and differences between coordinated project information in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia