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Using Forge to Connect BIM to the Internet of Things

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    Autodesk Research has been working on the display of building performance data in a rich 3D environment since 2009. During the last 2 years this development effort has shifted to make heavy use of the Forge platform to integrate the display of sensor data with high-quality, as-built BIM. The project has also evolved beyond the initial focus on building performance to explore use-cases in construction and factory management. This session looks at some of the lessons Autodesk Research has learned during the development of Dasher 360, with a particular focus on the benefits found from using the Forge platform to reinvent a heavyweight desktop client for the cloud. We will talk about how tools such as Dasher 360 can integrate data from a variety of sources, creating compelling, web-based tools that dramatically expand the use of design data. While the session will focus largely on the development of Dasher 360, and therefore be of interest to programmers and software development managers' it will highlight how Forge has been used alongside advanced data visualisation techniques to create a tool for facilities managers and building owners/operators. People from various backgrounds will therefore find the session to be of interest.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the history of Project Dasher and how Dasher 360 can be used to visualize sensor data in 3D models
    • Learn the importance of contextualizing sensor data in BIM on the web
    • Learn how Autodesk Research benefited from using Forge web services to implement Dasher 360
    • Learn implementation details of reusable Forge Viewer extensions developed as part of the Dasher 360 project