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Using BIM based Workplace Management tools for spatial analysis of facilities

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    Building owners are now utilizing Revit models and information created during design and construction to streamline their own operations. To successfully track and report on facilities data a method to reference “places” in the building is needed, particularly with respect to occupants and assets. By understanding the details of how space is used, facility professionals can reduce vacancy and ultimately achieve major reductions in real estate expenses. In this presentation we will discuss how Cloud-based facility management systems with real-time bi-directional integration to a portfolio of Revit models enables space planners and portfolio managers to analyze spatial performance across an entire facilities portfolio. We will also take a close look how Cloud-based Business Intelligence Tools (BI) and distributed secure access to all members of a facilities team can ensure the spatial consistency and quality of Revit model data throughout the lifecycle of a facilities portfolio.

    Key Learnings

    • Realize the value of utilizing Cloud-based Workplace Management Solutions to enable real-time analysis of facility spatial performance
    • Understand best practice guidelines for creating and maintaining models specifically for facilities space management
    • Find out how to take advantage of Building Intelligence Tools (BI) to enable the analysis of massive amounts of BIM data across an entire facilities and real-estate portfolio
    • Learn how spatial data can be the foundation for organizing a BIM based facility portfolio