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Upgrading to BIM 360 Design, Part 2: Taking A Firm Into The Cloud
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Following last years class, we revisit BIM 360 Design and Revit cloud as we transition from 360 Team to 360 Documents. Here we'll examine the benefits of being in the cloud, what best practices can and should be established with using 360 Docs, and the small ins and outs that could hold back even the strongest Revit users from running a cloud project. Based on firsthand experience, this class will go over what you need to know, what to expect, and when you should be making the transition from cloud to cloud. We'll go over troubleshooting, best practices, order of operations for implementation, and what would be considered optimal project types for BIM 360 Design.

Key Learnings

  • Compare and examine the benefits of 360Team & 360Docs
  • Learn best practices for working in a Cloud project structure
  • Trouble shoot project setup and execution
  • How to manage expectations and consultants



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