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BIM 360: In(put)s and Out(put)s

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    How can we tell the story of BIM 360 software to the diverse world of design and construction companies? In this presentation, we’ll be looking at the key benefits of the different tools that make up the offering and how they address key needs of architecture, engineering, and construction stakeholder companies, whether they’re just starting on the journey of digitalization or are looking into some more-advanced workflows using BIM 360 Design software, BIM 360 Coordinate software, BIM 360 Build software, or BIM 360 Document Management software. We’ll be looking at a possible total workflow, adding design data to our single source of truth (BIM 360 Document Management) in various ways (BIM 360 Design, Vault, and Revit server), and then following through from preconstruction to site management.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the concept of BIM 360
    • Learn how to upload design data through various interfaces
    • Learn about design changes between delivered milestones
    • Learn how to coordinate between different disciplines