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Remote Civil Design with BIM 360—SWOT Analysis
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We all enter the future where there is no place to waste time on commuting. Our businesses have to be as efficient as possible. “Evolve or die”—now this motto is more relevant than ever. More and more professional engineers choose remote work because design is quite similar to the IT sphere, where remote work has become more common than it was 10 years ago. So, we decided to use remote work in Roseco at once, and haven’t regretted yet. We think that the remote design market should be developed to give more professionals the possibility of working as they like. We have four years of experience in project management with remote engineers; we shared our expertise at Autodesk University Russia, and we’d like to share it worldwide. And BIM 360 software is the only solution, making remote work in BIM (Building Information Modeling) possible. You need a common data environment for each project you are working with, unless you are working with it alone. For us, it is BIM 360.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about managing projects in civil design with remote teams.
  • Learn how to use all the functionality of BIM 360 for design collaboration.
  • Learn about risk management in projects with remote teams.
  • Learn about the soft skills needed by members of remote teams.



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