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Unlocking Building Operations with Data Across the Construction Lifecycle

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    Facilities operations begin when you’re given the keys to the building. But the success of the team is determined well before that—during design, construction, and turnover—when meaningful data about the building is captured and passed along. Today, most handovers are done manually, leading to massive risk of error and data loss. What’s worse, these data leaks ultimately drive up long-term operations costs. Learn how you can bridge the gaps during handoffs and set up operations teams for success with a living digital history of your building, accessible from anywhere.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to evaluate lifecycle technology that works across design, construction, and operations
    • Learn how to advocate for involving facilities operations early on during preconstruction phases
    • Learn how to use digital as-builts for conducting major workflows in facilities operations
    • Learn how to secure a complete turnover package from construction