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Unleash the Power of Arnold and 3ds Max for Architectural Visualization

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    3ds Max software is a mature 3D digital content creation package widely used in the video game industry, at numerous television and visual effects studios, and as a standard in design and architectural visualization. With the recent addition of the Arnold renderer, creating stunning imagery and video has never been more accessible. Arnold now brings the visual quality of the Hollywood blockbuster movie back home to 3ds Max. In this session, we’ll explore techniques and workflows for bringing your Revit projects to life. First, we will see how to go from Revit software to Arnold in just a few minutes. Next, we’ll use tools such as Civil View, Populate, and Pflow to help tell a story. Then we’ll take a look at the brand-new Fluid system in 3ds Max that can create stunning water features in no time. And lastly, we’ll dive into some compositing workflows using Arnold AOVs. You might also have a chance to see what's coming next! Take your visualization game to the next level with Arnold and 3ds Max. Brute force for all!

    Key Learnings

    • Get started with the Arnold renderer
    • Learn more about other flexible toolsets in 3ds Max, such as Particle Flow, Populate, and Civil View
    • Learn how to create stunning water features with 3ds Max Fluids
    • Learn about compositing with Arnold AOVs