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Traffic Engineering: Early Merging Versus Zipper Merging Using InfraWorks
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Learn how you can use InfraWorks software to create base traffic models by importing surfaces, roads, and real traffic data, and defining traffic turning movements. Once the base model is completed, you can use InfraWorks Traffic Simulation to create construction proposals to understand how the level of service is impacted once lanes are shut down, and how an alternate intersection is created to simulate proper vehicle movements at the merging point.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to simulate traffic conditions as vehicles merge early to open lanes at construction zones.
  • Learn how to simulate zipper merging traffic conditions and movements at lane closure points.
  • Learn how to analyze reporting results for both types of traffic behaviors as traffic is shifted to open lanes during construction.
  • Learn how to capitalize on ArcGIS Online Connector for traffic engineering.



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