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Structural Precast for Revit-Fast and Accurate Modeling in a Single BIM Model

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    Autodesk brings into play a new automated workflow for precast elements, turning slabs and walls into assemblies via automatic segmentation. Automatic reinforcement, shop drawings, and CAM files then step in to complete the design process. Respecting designers' and fabricators' perspectives and switching between different levels of development are some more key benefits of embracing a Revit-software-based workflow. But no model is truly complete until multidisciplinary coordination between structure, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), and architecture is achieved, which is greatly enabled in this all-Revit-software-based solution. The purpose of this class is to demonstrate a Building Information Modeling (BIM)-connected design-to-fabrication workflow from Revit for a precast model, and we'll also explore some other great productivity and modeling tools dedicated to precast that are delivered by Autodesk partners.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Structural Precast for Revit for faster and more accurate modeling
    • Learn how to achieve multidisciplinary coordination in a Revit model
    • Learn how to drive fabrication of precast elements via CAM files
    • Learn about other productivity and modeling precast tools for Revit