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Roundtable    BO6642-R
Streamlining the Project-Turnover Process with Building Information Modeling Deliverables
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This follow-up round table will provide an opportunity for Autodesk University attendees to discuss the value of Building Information Modeling (BIM) from an owner's perspective with the authors of The Ohio State University Buckeye BIM Initiative following their 'Defining a Holistic Owner-Driven BIM Project Delivery Standard' presentation. While a BIM standard that outlines a BIM-enabled project delivery process can be extremely valuable to an owner, it can become exponentially more worthwhile when that standard is able to outline the critical spatial and asset information that needs to be captured at turnover to better operate the facility throughout its lifecycle. This round table will provide an open forum to discuss which facility information can provide the greatest return on investment for owners. We'll also discuss how an owner can prescribe a methodology for project teams to collaborate through BIM-based technologies while developing a repository of relevant building data that grows throughout the design and construct phases of a project.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how owners can streamline the turnover process from design/construction teams via COBie Toolkit
  • Debate which model deliverables from which project team members can serve the widest range of BIM objectives for owners
  • Learn how to identify opportunities to validate immediate ROI numbers from a BIM-project delivery standard
  • Discuss how industry standards are providing more consistent deliverable outcomes from design/construction professionals


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