Leadership Forum Lecture    LF5340
Strategic BIM: Out of the Project, Into the Boardroom
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Competitive advantage—how much do you have? Greater transparency, greater predictability, and greater productivity…you can see the attraction of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how that might form an alluring proposition to customers. Judging by the latest adoption rates though, so can the majority of the industry. So here’s a question for you: What happens to your advantage when that "majority of the industry" also uses BIM to deliver projects better, faster, and cheaper, just like you? As adoption levels head towards saturation, BIM-based execution is on track to becoming the new commoditized norm for project delivery. What are the implications for your specific company in such a market? This session will focus on managing BIM strategically in a saturated market, with an emphasis on sustaining competitive advantage and the "big-ticket" enterprise key performance indicators (KPI) of revenue, margin, brand, and more. Consider this a pre-fight workout for the impending era of intense BIM-based competition.

Key Learnings

  • List the three tenets and three best practices that define strategic BIM
  • Explain how democratically available processes like BIM shape the competitive landscape of the industries that adopt them
  • Be equipped to build an outline program to transition to strategic BIM
  • Describe the difference between strategic and tactical management of BIM in terms of competitive advantage and enterprise performance




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