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The Complete BIM Team: Engaging Late Adopters for Improved AEC Project Delivery

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    Is your project team doing full BIM (Building Information Modeling)? Many project teams are well-versed in using BIM and want to harness the intrinsic power of BIM with the distinct purpose of improving architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) project delivery. Unfortunately, all too often the full potential is not realized when a few project stakeholders or team members have not yet adopted BIM. This generally causes the team as a whole to perform less than optimally, and hampers enhanced project delivery. Do you want to know the challenges of the project team when there is less than a full BIM approach? Together, let’s discover how project delivery is enhanced when everyone uses BIM. Do you want to know how you get the whole team on board? Join this roundtable to learn from other professionals, and brainstorm solutions for engaging late adopters to improve the AEC project delivery.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the challenges associated with project delivery when not all team members utilize BIM
    • Understand what other professionals have done to overcome diminished results due to late adoption
    • Discover benefits of an all-BIM team
    • Learn how to engage the late adopters to improve AEC project delivery