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The Cloud and Connected BIM Processes

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    More than simply a technical paradigm, cloud computing offers fundamentally new directions for connecting people, projects, and information. Coupled with Building Information Modeling (BIM) data, cloud-based project information management has the potential to broadly affect both ad hoc and contractually-defined project communications, workflows, and deliverables. This class discusses advances in cloud-based project data management and collaboration with a focus on the impact on project organization, data organization, and contracting. It will offer examples of cloud-based project information management technologies, as well as case studies of the use of these systems to demonstrate the affect of BIM-centric cloud computing on project delivery. This class will discuss the use of online project collaboration to articulate the value this has on project deliveyr success.

    Key Learnings

    • Make informed decisions regarding integration of BIM and other project data into cloud-distributed project communications
    • Gain knowledge on real and perceived impacts on contractually defined project organization and communications
    • Gain strategic insights on cloud-based project delivery and its impacts on BIM centric and conventional project organization
    • Describe real-world examples of milestone-based and work-in-progress deliverables