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Solibri or Navisworks

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    Collaboration in construction is challenging. How can you organize the quality in data and geometry with all these different parties and models? Which software do you use to check your model: Navisworks or Solibri. An IFC workflow with Solibri provides you insights in the different clashes and the possibility to check in a rule based manner. But how do you create reports and collaborate with team members? Does Navisworks manage a more better workflow with more possibilities for everybody? With Navisworks you are free of file format. It is easy to append and update Revit, IFC, rcp or dwg files to a federated model in one single file. Checking model geometry, duplicates and data in a standardized way with Collaborea. It is the rulebased modelchecker for Naviswork. A report is no longer necessary because all the issues are visible and editable on a Cloud platform using Autodesk Forge. Checking and collaborating becomes easy and editing the models in an Autodesk workflow is simple.

    Key Learnings

    • Use Navisworks and the Forge Technology to check BIM models.
    • Check and adjust revit models in a seamless workflow using Forge technology
    • create an issue management workflow using Navsiworks, Collaborea and Revit
    • How to use a rulebased modelchecker to check Building models