Simplicity is the New Black
Industry Talk    LO-AEC34
Burkhard Böckem
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3D technology has historically been reserved for large, exclusive, purpose-specific platforms. Users have been required to have advanced knowledge of laser scanning to operate high-tech scanners. As technology continues to evolve, laser scanning is just one piece that is moving to a smaller, inclusive, all-encompassing platform.<br /> <br /> In this presentation, Hexagon Geosystems CTO Burkhard Boeckem will take you through the journey of how this evolution led to the creation of the Leica BLK360, the world’s smallest and lightest imaging 3D laser scanner. Moving from the belief that AEC professionals couldn’t access the technology due to the high barriers of entry to democratising laser scanning for anyone with inspiration and desire to embrace new possibilities, the development of the BLK360 is opening opportunities previously thought unobtainable. Don’t miss this future-looking presentation and your chance to experience the latest in laser scanning technology.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the benefits & value of adopting reality capture solutions on Architectural, Engineering and Construction projects
  • Understand the benefits & value of adopting reality capture solutions on Architectural, Engineering and Construction projects
  • Reality capture workflows in Autodesk software products, such as Revit, Navisworks & AutoCAD can reduce costly errors
  • Best practices for using the BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner and Recap 360 Pro to ensure consitent, accurate project delivery


Burkhard Böckem
With more than two decades of experience in geodesy and more than a decade of experience in innovative R&D, Burkhard Boeckem serves as the Chief Technology Officer of Hexagon Geosystems. In this role, he leads the organisation’s innovation exploration and discovery. As the initiator and leader of the BLK360, Boeckem and his team brought the world’s smallest and easiest to use imaging laser scanner to market. Prior to his current role, Boeckem has been with Hexagon since 2001. Starting as a project manager for sophisticated metrology instruments, he eventually worked his way up to the manager of R&D where he led the creation of new laser tracker products, various new technologies and software development. Boeckem holds a Master of Science in Geodesy from the University of Bonn in Germany, and a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), where he was awarded the ETH Medal for his thesis in geodesy.

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