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SBG Successful BIM Implementation—Case Study: General Contractor

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    For years, Saudi Binladin Group (SBG)- a construction industry leader in Saudi Arabia where most government contracts are 2D-drawing based- did an in-depth study of the loss of time and the aborted works, ending with the determination that Building Information Modeling (BIM) represents both an enhanced technology and a process change. In this class, SBG will share how it builds its own formula of conversion from a self-execution engineering 2D firm to a construction engineering management BIM model firm. SBG innovation setup changed in year 2012. It is imperative that efficiency in project delivery is maximized and the commitment is to safe and sustainable construction. Traditional methods have been replaced by more efficient, transparent processes and technologies that require different project planning and different data exchange platforms. SBG has chosen Autodesk BIM solutions release 2013/2017 as the foundation of building a dedicated BIM platform for SBG megaprojects and developing a BIM Execution Plan (BIM charter).

    Key Learnings

    • Define a best practice for a BIM implementation plan in large firms in the Gulf region
    • Learn how to evaluate different BIM tools and select the best one for firm and projects
    • Learn how to implement an effective BIM workflow for huge construction projects
    • Learn about BIM goals and model uses as value-added objectives at the project levels