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The Road (and Rail) to BIM Success Begins with GIS

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    The road to digital transformation in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) requires interoperable, accessible, and accurate streams of information to enable digital twins, smart assets, and smart cities. The complexity of linear infrastructure, the environmental impact, and the sizes of projects require the talents of design and geospatial experts. This session will highlight how Skanksa’s geographic information system (GIS) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) teams successfully integrate Autodesk and Esri solutions, bringing value to all teams and stakeholders. This class will introduce an integrated approach to GIS and BIM for rail and highways, showing how together they improve digital delivery and productivity. Using specific project examples, Skanska’s leaders will explain how streamlining workflows between Revit software, Civil 3D software, and Esri ArcGIS provides a coordinated and enhanced experience to all end users. You will leave this session understanding how maximizing GIS and BIM expands value to all technical and non-technical teams throughout the lifecycle of the infrastructure.

    Key Learnings

    • Integrate GIS and BIM to improve collaboration and operational efficiency for infrastructure projects
    • Learn workflows for automated Data Management leveraging standards using GIS and BIM
    • Address Data Interoperability challenges while integrating GIS and BIM during Design, Construction, and Operation
    • Develop fit for purpose digital solutions, dashboards, and apps enabling confidence and trust in your data from your teams