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Rise and Simulate: BIM to VR and beyond

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    Using our large 3D model set, we take different parts of our attractions and put the moving pieces together. With geometry from across the project fed into the engine and presented in 3D. Like a 3D world from a game, but it’s a real place. While Walt Disney Imagineering is not developing VR rides, we use VR in various ways to help us design and test rides. This commitment to making the illusion complete for the viewer has led to some really fascinating advances from Disney R&D and Imagineering. From group experiences in simulator rooms to some more radical ways to simulate our attractions and experiences, VR is an integral design tool. That also means putting in media, animated figures, and other timed effects. Every piece of our puzzle to create our attraction, we put into a virtual reality simulation. With the VR, we make quick iterations with our creative team and ultimately this VR environment timing feeds real world controllers for the attraction in some really amazing ways.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn additional value for Building Information Models.
    • Describe ways in which Virtual Reality can help teams better understand complex attractions.
    • Implement interoperability workflows that move models between multiple softwares.
    • Learn ways in which this extends into operations.