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Riding the Giant—BIM Implementation at the Orlando International Airport Construction Project

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    By its very nature, construction is an ever-changing dynamic environment; schedules, lead times, contracts, personnel changes, logistics, weather-all of these variables and more are in constant flux during a construction project. This lecture will cover the lessons learned from applying Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to the Intermodal Terminal Facility Construction Project at the Orlando International Airport, which is a part of a $3.1 billion expansion. We'll review how BIM was used to cut costs and increase productivity in the field, as well as where BIM fell short of expectations and what was learned from those experiences. We'll cover the skill sets, techniques, and, most importantly, the attitudes and mindsets that are needed to "ride the giant" so that BIM will be referred to as the "Bible" and "The Money Maker" by the contractors and peers on the job site. Hope to see you there.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply practical techniques for implementing BIM on a construction project
    • Understand methods that encourage a positive work environment and better communication
    • Gain experience through applying lessons learned on this project
    • Develop an overall approach to implement BIM tailored to your company’s needs