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Revit for P&IDs: A New Perspective on Design Synchronization for Water Projects

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    Within the industrial water market, it can be a real challenge to bridge the gap between tools that are great for designing buildings and tools that are great for designing process plants. Achieving design synchronization between spatial and schematic designs with a high level of confidence is the ultimate goal. However, producing process schematics and spatial drawings and managing the equipment data becomes complex when dealing with traditional data silos in current project execution processes. True data-driven workflows will require innovation and disruption to achieve next-level results. This is one story of how Revit software, Dynamo, and Forge have helped us look at this traditional problem from a new perspective. We’ve solved some longstanding challenges, and we still have some unanswered questions, but we’re excited and optimistic about the possibilities for the future.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn a new perspective on how Revit can successfully create intelligent schematic documents
    • Learn about new opportunities using Dynamo for connecting schematic elements with spatial 3D elements
    • Learn about using Forge and Azure to help improve data access for project teams
    • Learn how this new process and data access has been received by project teams