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Revit API—Boosting Your Company’s Performance

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    Revit software is without question one of the most powerful design tools; however, by its own virtues, it is limited by its need to suit all users. To truly get the most of Revit and the Building Information Modeling (BIM) environment, Autodesk gives us access to an API wherein we can develop add-ins to help streamline our workflows and achieve specific BIM objectives. This class will show the benefits of creating your own platform for sharing project-specific add-ins, and help you understand the advantages and challenges of using the Revit API in your day-to-day design routine. We will show you how to move to the next level of standards and workflow development in your business. We will use real-life samples to better understand how Revit API can impact the efficiency of Revit users.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to upgrade company and project-specific workflows using Revit API
    • Discover how to effectively and quickly share add-ins developed in-house
    • Discover challenges, tips, and tricks regarding how to design add-ins for a multilocation firm
    • Gain insight into ad-hoc development and in-house sharing of project-specific add-ins