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Reality to 3D: Managing and Scaling the Workflows Behind the 3D That Shapes Our World

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    Let’s take a journey through the growing digital space and the merging of the many industries we once thought were islands all to themselves, looking at manufacturing, product design, e-commerce, construction, TV, film, XR, and the many pieces in between. In order to stay competitive, many of today’s largest organizations are blurring the lines between departments and speeding up the velocity behind the teams that take concept to reality. This class will look at the realities behind today’s market and focus on the groundwork that needs to be laid when scaling a business that leans on a 2D/3D digital environment. Whether you’re working with 3D models in a film, 3D mockups in a manufacturing workflow, 2D concept art in an architectural pipeline, or the product imagery at a furniture house, process and organization can be the key to success. We will dive into a few of the software setups alongside Autodesk’s Shotgun that can help companies succeed.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the power of digitizing your pipeline in areas often considered off limits
    • Learn about new tools and workflows to help grow a digital pipeline in a 3D environment
    • Learn how to make process-oriented decisions earlier that will save you time as your business continues to scale
    • Learn about the value sets behind collaboration in a design-focused workflow