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Port Planning with InfraWorks

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    This class will explore a large-scale port/transportation project utilizing features in InfraWorks software along with AutoCAD Civil 3D software, AutoCAD software, and AutoCAD Map 3D software. Discover some key techniques to help guide you in transitioning from 2D conceptual planning to 3D and even 4D sequences. This course will cover a wide range of InfraWorks functions, such as creating custom "city furniture" from various sources; creating bridges, roads, and rail; randomizing data objects; running scripts; and, finally, creating project fly-throughs and renderings.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover benefits of conceptual planning large-scoped projects by identifying conflicts earlier
    • Learn the InfraWorks process (from 2D to 3D)
    • Learn how to get to the "what if" solution quicker
    • Get tips and tricks