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Owner / Operator-Driven BIM Libraries for Project, Facility, and Asset Management

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    This class will present case studies of inventive Building Information Modeling (BIM) approaches adopted by 2 very different facility owners. Each one pushed beyond incremental BIM adoption to rethink workflows, develop BIM object libraries, and transform project processes. See results of their efforts presented from theoretical and practical perspectives. A large healthcare facilities owner integrates BIM libraries and standards throughout the project lifecycle. Their BIM library objects embody design requirements; data management protocols; local/global best practice standards to improve reliability and efficiency of BIM for design, delivery, and facility management with support; and additional capabilities such as 3D stereoscopic viewing, way-finding, and seamless data-sharing with facilities management (FM) applications. An international developer/operator shifts the focus of BIM organization from component-type hierarchies to elements representing installation and construction processes as performed on site, informing better cost and prefabrication analysis.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn new owner-driven approaches to use additional value from BIM investments
    • Learn how to produce BIM that is better fit to support intended purposes, improve reliability, efficiency, and quality assurance
    • Learn how to coordinate facility design requirements with facility maintenance needs
    • Learn how to clarify facility data requirements for design, construction, and FM