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Optimizing Fast-Paced Scan-to-BIM Projects Using ReCap, Revit, Navisworks

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    This class will discuss the workflow of using Autodesk software like ReCap Pro software, Revit software, and Navisworks software in a project where 6 commercial buildings with 340,000 square feet of floor space were renovated for a Silicon Valley tech giant in Mountain View, California. The project involved reality capture and modeling from point clouds resulting from scans. This case study highlights some of the challenges the team faced when dealing with the aggressive 30-day timeline, and suggests the means to overcome them in the scan-to-BIM process. We’ll also talk about the efficient clash coordination process used to finalize the constructability of the project that included the as-built 3D models developed from the scan-to-BIM process used by each trade sub in developing new designs. The attendees will learn the best workflow and tips using Autodesk software in tandem to achieve the right accuracy, the desired time savings, and the achievement of the BIM coordination schedule in time to meet construction deadlines.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to save time in handling and modeling from large-size point clouds
    • Learn how to select technology and equipment for reality capture
    • Learn how to define and set standards for level of accuracy and level of development
    • Learn how to quickly manage the numerous clash results from the Clash Detective tool in Navisworks