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The Next Step in Design Visualization

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    Learn how to harness the power of Stingray game engine to create real-time, interactive presentations. In this class we will show how to take content made in software such as Revit software and Inventor software, bring it into 3ds Max software for further prep and polish, and finally bring it into Stingray game engine for the final result. With Stingray game engine, we will see how to create presentations with features like real-time lighting and material modification, object interaction, and even virtual-reality headset support. Last, we will learn how to create a stand-alone package compatible with common platforms like Microsoft Windows, Google Android, and Apple iOS. This session features Autodesk Stingray and 3ds Max. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Discover a Stingray project workflow
    • Learn how to prep objects with 3ds Max for Stingray
    • Learn about project creation with Stingray
    • Learn how to create packages for different platforms