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The New Game in Town: Link an AutoCAD Civil 3D Surface in Revit Through BIM 360
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Learn about the amazing new feature set and workflow Autodesk unveiled in the 2019.1 update for both AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit. See how a user, who first saw this feature/workflow at an Inside the Factory - Live in Shanghai, China in 2016, and then implemented this on many large complex projects, including a nearly $1 billion hospital project located on a complex site. This session will cover the feature, workflow and challenges encountered. This presentation will also discuss working with in-house survey for existing conditions, as well as in-house civil engineers on proposed conditions.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about the new AutoCAD Civil 3D feature that enables a surface to be published to BIM 360
  • Learn about the Revit feature that enables an AutoCAD Civil 3D surface to be linked
  • Learn about some of the limitations and work-arounds
  • Learn about the accuracy compared to legacy workflows


The New Game in Town: Link an Autodesk Civil 3D Surface in Revit through BIM 360

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