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More than Just Fun with Drones: Producing Engineered Products

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    Sundt Construction faced a difficult site work package that included landfill remediation. During the project pursuit, Sundt defined a new process to generate volumetric comparisons from UAS-captured data; align with the project coordinate system; and produce an engineered report. This reduced the risk of over excavation, enabled everyone on the team to see how earthwork progressed, and captured construction progress in a meaningful way. Calculating quantities in Civil 3D software produced accurate quantities and an intuitive visual, and enabled the flexibility required to track 6 different quantity types. This class will discuss the process used to bring new value through these construction technologies and demonstrate the process of generating the data.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover Civil 3D software’s ability to generate cut/fill reports
    • Discover principles of drone flights for generating topographic maps
    • Discover the value of engineered data from sUAS (drone) flights
    • Discover project types that benefit from frequent earthwork tracking reports