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Modeling in Autodesk® Revit® Structure: Tips and Tricks for Downstream Construction Use

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    The engineer's model in Autodesk Revit Structure software is quite valuable when used in construction. This class explores the avenues for using Revit Structure—from traditional architecture and engineering projects to process plant application. We will provide tips and tricks for working with Revit tools that enable construction, including parts, assemblies, rebar, tilt-up, embeds, structural supports, beam pockets, lift drawings, location, cast-in-place, logistics, bracing, and component connections. We will discuss the value of the engineering model and the potential for contractors to use it in planning, sequencing, animation, location, detailed shop drawings, fabrication, and estimation. Discover how construction engineers can take full advantage of the analysis data to assist in temporary load calculations and how engineering and construction firms can partner with each other for mutual benefit.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe how construction firms can take full advantage of the engineer's model beyond traditional 4D uses
    • Explain how engineering and construction firms can work together for mutual benefit
    • Use vital engineering modeling tools that assist in estimation, fabrication, and construction assembly
    • Create a competitive advantage and synergy when collaborating with using engineered models