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Pre-conference Session    CCS345884
Model, Detail, and Fabricate Faster in Revit with eVolveMEP
Autodesk University
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Improving the modeling experience and reliability of LOD 400 components with each Revit update Autodesk and eVolveMEP press forward with Fabrication Parts in Revit. These components natively offer better results for sub-contractors looking to improve detailing process within their BIM/VDC departments as they are designed specifically for MEP contractors.

In this class you will learn how eVolveMEP is working to add more value and support Autodesk’s roadmap to offer improved coordination process for MEP subs through the Revit platform. eVolveMEP has taken a scary proposition for many contractors and turned it into a definable roadmap of success by addressing real concerns through additional development.

Learn about these tools in detail and how they address the concerns brought up by contractors. See what Autodesk is doing and what eVolveMEP is doing to bring the trades into a single platform for faster detailing and improved coordination.

Key Learnings

  • Discuss Autodesk Roadmap for Fabrication Parts
  • Discuss eVolveMEP alignment with this roadmap
  • Present application that eVolveMEP has created to add value to this change


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