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Model Building in InfraWorks with ArcGIS

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    Thanks to the collaboration between Autodesk and Esri, more and more valuable geographic information system (GIS) information is available to users of Autodesk applications via ArcGIS Online and customer ArcGIS Portals. Users can access information that includes both public and organizational roads, highways, detailed elevation, and other raster data, street furniture, tree locations, and pipelines. In this session, we will look at the workflow that will let you capitalize on the GIS data available from ArcGIS and create a model within InfraWorks software. Using a real-world example with the City of Vancouver, we will show you what is featured and included in the libraries from ArcGIS, how to publish your own GIS data to ArcGIS Online, how to import that data into InfraWorks, and how to manage the data and views within the InfraWorks model. We will also discuss how this benefits the city, and how they’re actively using their models in their own workflows and processes.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the data available in ArcGIS libraries and how to research it
    • Learn the workflow that will let you capitalize on ArcGIS data in InfraWorks
    • Better understand ArcGIS libraries, the data that is available, and how to import that data
    • See a real example and discuss how this workflow is beneficial to managing the model