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Mixing Laser Scanning and Cloud Solutions to Optimize a Factory’s Modeling Process

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    During this class, ATFF will talk about the factories that are changing continuously. To meet the new standards, plants need various renovations steps. Between these steps, it’s mandatory to save the data to perfectly know your building. Each department needs its precise information about the factory (renovation step, building part, floor). After five years of expertise in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and reality capture, ATFF has invested a lot in R&D to provide a fully collaborative, innovative cloud web service that helps people who work daily with point clouds and 3D models. This innovation, seen as the Netflix of the point cloud, meets the needs of the factories’ stakeholders by providing a point cloud of a selected part of the building to the right department of the company. ATFF will present its workflow of mixing laser scanning and its cloud platform to complete industrial renovation projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to save time and money, thanks to our laser-scanning advice
    • Discover how to benefit from intern innovation
    • Learn how to survey and create 3D models of factories, thanks to our advice about which tools and methodology to use
    • Learn how to solve your problems with ReCap through our tips and tricks