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The Master Builder: Closing the Gap

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    This class will focus on one of the major issues that the Building Information Modeling (BIM) / virtual design and construction industry faces today: the use of the 3D models in the field. Attendees will learn the process of how to create a field-ready model that would give them the ability to extract information directly from the model to be used in the field, contrary to a designer’s model, whose information if tailored to the production of construction documents drawings. In addition, the class will cover how to use software like Point Layout software to pre-program points, along with introductions to instruments like the TopCon PS Series and the BIM 360 Layout app. We will show examples of use from the All Aboard Florida project, located in Miami, Florida, showing point layouts with embeds, sleeves, and column layouts that have provided accurate layout information, as-built information, and QA/AC to the field to maintain a high-quality of work. This session features Revit and Point Layout. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Recognize the difference between a designer’s model, a coordination model, and a field model
    • Understand the importance of modeling field elements
    • Learn the benefits of having survey instruments
    • Learn how to automatize the Point Layout process